Pôle Interactions Biology

Responsable : Thomas Nowak


We are working on computational methods to make bioengineering simpler with a focus on the modeling process. In particular, we have been developing predictive population-level models for bacterial and microalgal systems, mathematically analyzing stochastic effects among competing cell populations, and developing a simulation tool for microbiological systems.

Our group members and collaborators mainly come from AI, synthetic biology, distributed computing, and control theory. We were fortunate enough to be able equip an experimental wet lab for our research group in the premises of ENS Paris-Saclay.

Our research agenda includes the study of quantitative and predictive modeling of intra-cellular and cell-population dynamics, simulation techniques, automated model discovery of bioprocesses, automated design of plasmids for bacterial hosts, optimization of bioproduction, and the design of synthetic circuits towards applications in bioproduction and medical diagnosis.

Some of our members are also affiliated with the Cellular Computing Group at ENS Paris-Saclay and INRAE Jouy-en-Josas: https://cellularcomputing.group/

Associated Faculty