Application / Scolarships

Pour les éditeurs: la version anglaise est en bas et potentiellement à éditer différement% This page explains how to apply for joining the Computer Science department of ENS Paris-Saclay.

Application for L3

The L3 is the third and final year of Bachelor. The objective of this year is to provide students with a basis in fundamental computer science topics such as computability and complexity, logics, algorithmics, disrete mathematics, hardware and operating systems. Detailed information about the courses can be found here (in French). The teaching language is mainly french.

Candidating for M1 or M2

M1 and M2 are the first and second year of the Master programme. It is possible to join in either year. Prior knowledge of French is not required, in fact almost all courses are available in English. The computer science department runs the MPRI programme (Master Parisien de Recherche en Informatique) in collaboration with several other institutions of the Paris region. The objective of the first year is to broaden the students' scope of knowledge with a choice of introductory courses to many subjects. The objective of the second year is to deepen the students' knowledge in subjects of their choice. The first semester will be filled by courses, the second semester by a research internship during which the student will develop his Master's thesis. More information about the course programme can be found at our website for M1 and for M2, or at the MPRI website.

Erasmus students

Foreign students can join the ENS Paris-Saclay as guests provided their home institute has a partnership agreement with ENS Paris-Saclay. A list of these institutes can be found at the ENS Paris-Saclay site. Contact the Erasmus coordinator at your home institute for procedures.


Several scholarship programs are available for students coming from having completed their Bachelor of Computer Science :

  1. program for international students at ENS Paris-Saclay,
  2. program Eiffel,
  3. program IDEX at UniversityParis-Saclay.