Several students of our departement publish research paper during their studies. This page lists some of these publications.


  • Antonin Callard and Benjamin Hellouin de Menibus. The aperiodic Domino problem in higher dimension. STACS 2022


  • Pascal Vanier and Antonin Callard. Computational characterization of surface entropies for Z² subshifts of finite type, ICALP 2021.
  • Yoan Géran, Bastien Laboureix, Corto Mascle and Valentin D. Richard. Keyboards as a New Model of Computation, MFCS 2021 (Best student paper award)
  • Léonard Brice, Jean-François Raskin and Marie Van Den Bogaard. Subgame-perfect Equilibria in Mean-payoff Games, CONCUR 2021 (Best paper award)