ENS Paris-Saclay: Computer Science Department

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The Computer Science Department of ENS Paris-Saclay offers a three-year course on fundamental aspects of computer science, with the aim of introducing students to research in computer science.

The first year (L3) gives access to the French licence, it is equivalent to the final year of a Bachelor degree. The second and third year (M1/M2) consist of a research master programme, the Parisian Master of Research in Computer Science (MPRI). While the L3 is taught in French and primarily addressed at French students, the master programme is open to French or international students alike, with courses given in English and French.

Recruitment and Scholarships

We are looking for international students to join our master programme, several scholarship programmes are available. See here for more information. Here ends the english version

Prix du meilleur papier à MFCS 21

Yoan Géran, Bastien Laboureix, Corto Mascle et Valentin D. Richard, students of the departement (year of entry 2017), received the best paper award at the MFCS 2021 conference which took place in Tallinn (Estonia), for their paper Keyboards as a New Model of Computation.


Prix du meilleur papier à CONCUR 21

Brice - CONCUR 2021 Best Paper Award

Léonard Brice, normalien-élève (promotion 2017), est co-auteur avec Jean-François Raskin, Professeur à l'ULB de Bruxelles et Marie Van Den Bogaard, MCF à l'Université Gustave Eiffel du papier Subgame-perfect Equilibria in Mean-payoff Games qui a obtenu le prix du meilleur papier à la conférence internationale CONCUR 2021. Ce papier correspond à l'une des contributions de son stage de M2 au MPRI.

Publication à ICALP 2021

Callard - ICALP 2021

Antonin Callard, normalien-élève (promotion 2018), a publié à ICALP 2021 avec Pascal Vanier, professeur au GREYC à Caen, le papier Computational characterization of surface entropies for Z² subshifts of finite type. Ce papier est issu de son travail de stage de master 1.