Timetable of M1 MPRI at ENS Paris-Saclay

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Timetable for first term of 2023–2024

Below is an overview of the timetable for our main offering of courses. See the MPRI wiki for details on courses.

Important dates

  • The curriculum starts on Monday, August 28 with the orientation weeks.
  • Classes start on Monday, September 11, but some courses, including those at ENS Paris (or shared with ENS Paris) start one week later.
  • The second period starts on Monday, November 6.
  • The first semester ends with the examination week starting on Monday, January 09.

ENS Ulm courses

ENS Ulm offers several courses, shown on their website. Some of these courses are part of our main offering, the others can be taken as external courses.

For practical details, see their detailed timetable.

If you intend to follow one course, you must register on their Moodle using your Paris-Saclay login, so they can arrange rooms for enough students. Make sure to unregister if you decide not to follow the course in the end.

Other training programs

UFR Sciences

The UFR Sciences of Paris-Saclay University (Saclay campus) has several Masters in Computer Science. You can consult all their timetables here. In particular, check out the one for M1 MPRI @ UFR.

M1 MPRI @ École Polytechnique

The third M1 MPRI offers many courses, covering lots of application domains. Check their website for information.


You'll find links to other suggested training programs in the slides of the M1 presentation.