M1 MPRI at ENS Paris-Saclay

Head of M1 MPRI: Thomas Chatain

M1 Master Parisien de Recherche en Informatique (formerly known as M1 Jacques Herbrand at ENS Paris-Saclay) trains future researchers in theoretical computer science, mainly for academia but also for corporate environments. It offers an excellent preparation to MPRI M2 (formerly known as M2 AFP) followed by a PhD in computer science. Nevertheless, students from ENS Paris-Saclay routinely tune their curriculum and choose a different specialty for their second year of Master.

The objective of the M1 year is to reinforce the students' familiarity with core topics in computer science but, unlike the Bachelor, it is also an opportunity to diversify and learn about exciting application areas of this core knowledge, such as bioinformatics, robotics, verification, or machine learning. In addition to courses at ENS Paris-Saclay and other universities and schools, the curriculum includes a research internship, keynote conferences, and visits to research labs.

For more information about our M1 MPRI, including validation rules and admissions, please see our general presentation page or contact the M1 head.

School Year 2023/2024

Year 2024/2025: Applications should be uploaded on the registration platform.

  • (Revised) slides of the introductory meeting