ACM Software System Award for Jacques-Henri Jourdan / CompCert

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Jacques-Henri Jourdan receives the 2021 ACM Software System Award together with Xavier Leroy, Sandrine Blazy, Zaynah Dargaye, Michael Schmidt, Bernhard Schommer, and Jean-Baptiste Tristan for their work on the CompCert formally verified compiler.

CompCert, initiated in 2005, is a compiler for the C programming language and the first industrial-strength compiler with a formally verified proof of correctness. It generates optimized code for most common computer architectures including PowerPC, ARM, RISC-V and x86.

The ACM Software System Award honours people or organizations "recognized for developing a software system that has had a lasting influence, reflected in contributions to concepts, in commercial acceptance, or both". The 2021 award is endowed with a prize of $35,000 sponsored by IBM.