Electronic voting: design, attacks and proofs

Speaker: Véronique Cortier, Loria
Tuesday 14 December 2021, 11:00, (1Z56, bât ENS)

Abstract: Electronic voting aims to achieve the same properties as traditional paper based voting. Even when voters vote from their home, they should be given the same guarantees, without having to trust the election authorities, the voting infrastructure, and/or the Internet network. The two main security goals are vote privacy: no one should know how I voted; and verifiability: a voter should be able to check that the votes have been properly counted.

In this talk, we will present the Belenios voting platform, its security properties and its limitations. On a more theoretical side, we will see how recent techniques allow to compute exactly the result of an election (e.g. the winners) without leaking information about the set of ballots. Such techniques are based on Multi-Party Computations (MPC).