Minimal Generating Sets for Semiflows

Speaker: Gerard Memmi LTCI, Telecom-Paris, Institut polytechnique de Paris

Tuesday, 23 Mai 2023, 14:00, Room 1Z56 and Zoom

We discuss important characteristics of finite generating sets for F+, the set of all semiflows with non-negative coordinates of a Petri Net. We endeavor to regroup a number of algebraic results dispersed throughout the Petri Nets literature and also to better position the re- sults while considering semirings such as N or Q+ then fields such as Q. As accurately as possible, we provide a range of new algebraic results on minimal semiflows, minimal supports, and finite minimal generating sets for a given family of semiflows. Minimality of semiflows and of sup- port are critical to develop effective analysis of invariants and behavioral properties of Petri Nets. Main results are concisely presented in a table and our contribution is highlighted. We conclude with the analysis of an example drawn from the telecommunication industry underlining the efficiency brought by using minimal semiflows of minimal supports.